LED Lighting Retrofit in Denver: What You Need to Know

An LED lighting retrofit can make a lot of sense for your home or business in Denver. But, there are many things to consider, and many questions to answer. As an experienced electrician in Colorado, we have years of experience helping people figure out the best lighting for their homes and businesses. In today’s blog […]

Train to Be an Electrician: Tips from an Experienced Denver Electrician

If you’re thinking of becoming an electrician, this blog is for you. Electricians must be highly skilled, as well as thoroughly knowledgeable about current laws and the electrical code. They work with their hands, as well as interact with people, making it an extremely varied, rewarding occupation. If you want to train to be an […]

Rewire a House: Tips from a Littleton Electrician

There are many reasons for needing to rewire a house. Maybe you are selling your home, worried about safety, or needing to rewire in order to be fully insured. Whatever the reason, there are a few things you need to know before you either tackle the project yourself, or hire a licensed Littleton electrician. Reasons […]

Having a CO Generator Electrician Install an Emergency Generator

You may wonder why you need a generator electrician. After all, your home’s electricity always seems to work completely fine. Why would you need to install an emergency generator? In today’s blog post, we’re going to take a look at why you may want to consider speaking with a generator electrician to determine if an […]

Looking for an Electrical Handyman: Can They Handle the Job?

Do you have an electrical project to handle in your home? Maybe you have some electrical wiring to repair, or you need to replace aluminum wiring in your home. Or, maybe it’s something simple like installing smoke detectors, or a ceiling fan. You may be looking for an electrical handyman to handle the job in […]

Need an Electrician? Call Electric Doctor – a Littleton Electrician

Do you need an electrician in the Littleton area? Looking for an electrician can be difficult. After all, there is much to consider when you are searching for someone to install and oversee the electrical installations in your home or business. You need an electrician you can trust will follow electric codes and all regulations […]

Emergency Electrician in Highlands Ranch, CO

Emergencies happen all the time in our lives. When you have something go wrong with your home or business’ electricity, you need an electrician who will respond quickly. The experienced electricians at Electric Doctor are here to help if you find yourself in the middle of an electrical problem. We are your emergency electrician Highlands […]

Electrical Work: Should You DIY? Call a Denver Electrician

The world of “do it yourself” is growing. People love to tackle projects and get things done in their own home. There are many shows on TV where people fix up homes and resell them, or complete projects without having to hire professionals. This is wonderful – there’s something very rewarding about fixing something with […]

Importance of Upgrading Electric Systems in Older Homes

Older home electric systems upgrade

Older homes are beautiful. There’s something about the strength of the architecture, and the weight of knowing just how much history is packed into the walls. Older homes come with a price, however, due to outdated building practices. Old electrical systems can have an impact on the safety and energy consumption. Let’s take a look […]

A New Year’s Resolution: Electrical Safety

We all enjoy our electricity – it fuels our lives. Our entertainment, work, and everyday life is all made possible by the use of electricity. It’s important, however, to be mindful of how well the electricity in your home is running: electrical safety hazards can crop up, and if they’re not dealt with by an […]