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Electric Doctor Inc. installs and mounts HDTVs of all sizes and at all locations. We can fish your HDMI and tv wiring through your wall and hide behind the HDTV or surface mount install systems where needed. We also sell mounts from popular brands to match your HDTV and location – fixed, tilt, motion, projector, and ceiling mounts are available. We also offer the additional benefit of having an electrical outlet installed behind your HDTV with surge protection installed by a licensed electrician.

  • Top Brands including Pro-Mounts
  • Surge Protection from Panamax and Leviton
  • HDMI Cables of all sizes
  • In-Wall Chases from Midlite


  • HDTV Mounting for all sizes
  • Fixed, Tilt, Motion, Ceiling Mounts
  • Indoor/Outdoor Mounting
  • Fireplace Mounting
  • Drywall, Brick, Stone Mounting
  • In-Wall HDMI Wire & Cabling
  • Electrical Outlets behind HDTV
  • Surge Protection Installation

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