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Electrical surges are a common occurrence in the Denver Metro Area. Help protect your electronics and everything connected to your electrical system with a whole home surge protector and a complete surge protection system for your office. Whole house surge protection warranties offer $25,00 – $75,000 worth of guaranteed protection. Compare that to the installation cost, and it could be the best investment to protect you electronics and appliances from harmful surges.

Why invest in surge protection?

  • Value – Protect your computers, appliances, and electronics
  • Reliability – Eliminate common surges from your electrical system
  • Investment – Add value to your home and office and lower your maintenance costs


Surge protectors can be installed on single phase residential and 3-phase commercial systems.

  • Whole House Surge Protection
  • Commercial Panel Surge Protection
  • 3-phase Surge Protection
  • Good, Better, Best Protection Options
  • Eaton Surge Protection
  • Sycom Surge Protection

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