Denver Aluminum Wire Pigtailing & Repair

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Aluminum wiring is common in many homes around Littleton and the Denver Metro Area. Electric Doctor Inc. offers aluminum to copper (Cu/Al, CuAl) splicing, also know as a pigtail. We use UL Listed AlumiConn lugs to safely and correctly connect existing aluminum wiring to copper wiring or copper-only rated devices. We can also rewire your home to copper wiring.

Unless specifically designed, new outlets and switches are copper-only rated devices, this means they cannot be connected to aluminum wiring. Copper wiring connected directly to aluminum wiring without a proper connector will break down and become a hazard. The pictures above show copper to aluminum connections that did not use properly rated connectors.

Information on Copper/Aluminum Wiring:

  • Years – Aluminum wiring is common in homes built from 1965-1980
  • Modern Style – Most new devices (outlets & switches) are rated for copper wire only
  • Corrosion – Aluminum and copper are dissimilar metals and cannot be connected without a proper connector
  • Knowledge – It is still common to wire larger loads (ovens, A/Cs, sub-panels, feeders) with aluminum wire
  • Terminations – Most breaker panel lugs and breakers are rated for both copper and aluminum wire

AlumiConn Lugs – UL Listed

One of our most common calls is for repairs on ‘Fix and Flips’. Fix and Flip projects will often (and incorrectly) install new copper-only rated outlets and switches directly to aluminum wiring. These connections will start to break down and need repair. Electric Doctor Inc. performs proper splicing installations for contractors and repairs for buyers, sellers, and realtors during home purchases.

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