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Aluminum Wiring Repair & Pigtails in Denver

Aluminum wiring remains prevalent in many homes across Littleton and the wider Denver Metro Area. At Electric Doctor, we specialize in aluminum to copper (Cu/Al, CuAl) splicing, commonly known as aluminum wire pigtails. Utilizing UL Listed AlumiConn lugs, we ensure safe and correct connections between existing aluminum wiring and copper wiring or copper-only rated devices. Additionally, we offer comprehensive rewiring services to transition your home from aluminum to copper wiring.


Understanding Aluminum Wiring Options

  1. Era: Aluminum wiring was commonly installed in homes constructed between 1965 and 1980.
  2. Modern Devices: While most new outlets and switches are designed for copper wire only, aluminum-rated devices are available but not recommended as it doesn’t change the connection to copper.
  3. Corrosion Risks: Improper connections between aluminum and copper wiring can lead to corrosion and safety hazards.
  4. Knowledgeable Solutions: Despite its limitations, aluminum wiring is still used for larger loads like ovens, air conditioners, sub-panels, and feeders.
  5. Compatibility: Many breaker panel lugs and breakers are compatible with both copper and aluminum wire, but proper installation is essential.
  6. UL Listed AlumiConn Lugs: We rely on industry-approved AlumiConn lugs for safe and reliable connections.
  7. We can rewire to newer copper romex. Generally we do this when the home has good access with attics, crawl spaces, or unfinished basements or when you’re remodeling your home and drywall is being removed.

Why Choose Us

Common Repair Scenarios and Solutions:

One of our frequent service calls involves addressing improper installations, particularly in ‘Fix and Flip’ projects. These installations often feature copper-only rated outlets and switches directly connected to aluminum wiring, leading to degradation over time. Electric Doctor specializes in proper splicing installations for contractors and provides repair services for buyers, sellers, and realtors during real estate transactions.

Aluminum Wiring and Home Sales:

Aluminum wiring is frequently noted as an issue in home inspection reports, particularly during the sale of properties. Sellers and buyers alike turn to Electric Doctor for expert evaluation and remediation of aluminum wiring concerns. Our thorough inspections and professional repairs ensure compliance with safety standards and peace of mind for all parties involved. Many of these homes include older panels which may require maintenance, replacement, or upgrading.

Our Services Include:

Damaged wiring from incorrect aluminum splice

Trust Electric Doctor for expert solutions for aluminum wiring repairs

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