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Enhancing Safety with Emergency Lighting Solutions

Emergency lighting plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and well-being of occupants in both residential and commercial buildings. At Electric Doctor, we understand the importance of reliable emergency lighting systems to guide individuals to safety during power outages or emergency situations. Our comprehensive emergency lighting services cover installation, maintenance, and upgrades to keep your property compliant with safety regulations.

Types of Emergency Lighting Installed and Maintained:

  1. Exit Signs:

    • Essential for guiding occupants to the nearest exit in the event of an emergency.
    • Available in various styles and illumination options to suit different building layouts.
  2. Frog-Eye Emergency Lights:

    • Provide high-visibility illumination in corridors, stairwells, and other critical areas.
    • Designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and ensure continuous operation during emergencies.
  3. Recessed Emergency Lighting:

    • Integrated into ceilings or walls for a seamless appearance while providing reliable emergency illumination.
    • Ideal for commercial spaces where aesthetics are important.
  4. LED Lighting:

    • Energy-efficient LED emergency lights offer long-lasting performance and reliable illumination during power outages.
    • Retrofit options available to upgrade existing emergency lighting systems to LED technology.
  5. Battery Replacement:

    • Routine battery replacement ensures that emergency lights remain operational when needed.
    • We offer professional battery replacement services to maintain the reliability of your emergency lighting system.
  6. System Testing:

    • Regular testing and inspection of emergency lighting systems to ensure compliance with safety standards.
    • Comprehensive testing procedures to verify functionality and performance under simulated emergency conditions.
  7. Recessed Lighting Ballasts:

    • Repair and replacement of ballasts for recessed emergency lighting fixtures to maintain optimal performance.
    • Professional troubleshooting and diagnosis of ballast issues to restore functionality.
  8. Emergency Lighting Ballasts:

    • Installation, repair, and replacement of emergency lighting ballasts to ensure reliable operation during emergencies.
    • Expertise in diagnosing and resolving ballast-related issues for enhanced safety.

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