How to Fix Flickering Lights from an Expert Denver ElectricianYou’re sitting down to read your new book after a long day at the office. It’s been a tough week full of frustrations, and you really need to relax and let off some steam. As you settle into your couch with your reading glasses and book, you notice the lights are flickering. You start reading anyway, but after a few minutes of concentration, you can’t handle the constant flickering. Now you have yet another problem to deal with. You find yourself asking, “why do my lights flicker?” As an experienced Denver electrician, I can offer some insight into why your lights flicker, and what you can do to stop this annoying phenomenon.

Ask a Few Questions to Answer “Why Do My Lights Flicker?”

To begin diagnosing why your lights are flickering, you need to stop and notice a few things and answer the following questions:

Diagnose and Fix the Flickering Lights

There are many reasons lights begin to flicker in your home. If your lights are flickering in the same area but not the entirety of your house, it could be due to a bad connection between the light socket and the bulb. Or, it could be a more serious issue such as a loose wire in a circuit. Lights flickering through the entire house could point to loose service conductors in your meter base or electrical panel. When lights flicker when large appliances such as your A/C turn on, it could be caused by the unit itself.

Call an Experienced Denver Electrician for Fast, Reliable Results

It can be very difficult to diagnose the cause of the flickering lights in your home. If it’s an issue with the circuits in your home, it is complex to figure out which one is causing the issue. Most circuits in homes have 30-50 connections which must be evaluated and inspected. If the issue is with your service conductors, you could be putting your home in danger – service conductors can burn lugs on your main breaker. Thus, the best option when fixing your flickering lights is to contact an experienced electrician Denver. We will be able to diagnose the issue instantly, and make sure your home is safe for future use at the same time. We have years of experience finding the source of electrical issues, and will help you figure out and fix your flickering lights quickly and reliably.

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