How to Wire a Light Switch: A Guide from a Denver Electrician

How to wire a light switch from a Denver electricianPeople like to do things themselves. This is true all over the world, but it is especially true when it comes to home improvement projects. One project people often try to tackle is wiring a light switch. If you’re looking for how to wire a light switch on your own, it is important to understand that doing it wrong or incompletely could be very dangerous. Electrical shock can cause serious injury or death. As experienced Denver electricians, we know all the necessary safety measures that must be in place when completing an electrical lighting or rewiring project. Before attempting to wire a light switch on your own, consider contact one of our experienced electricians to complete the job instead. We are fast and affordable and will make sure the project is done correctly and safely. If you’re determined to learn this skill and do it yourself, here are some very basic instructions to get you started. If you need more specific help, please contact one of our professional electricians to assist you. Remember: Electrical wiring can be dangerous: you don’t want to receive an electric shock. Be sure to follow all the instructions carefully. This tutorial is for a basic light switch. We’re not getting fancy with 3 or 4 way switches or dimmers. Let’s begin!

But First: Consider


The first thing you should consider if you are wiring a light switch is to think about your skill level and comfort-ability with electricity. If you have no idea what you are doing, then this tutorial isn’t for you. It’s much better to contact a professional Denver electrician to quickly wire your light switch than to attempt to do it yourself when you have no experience.


How to Wire a Light Switch: Let the Wiring Begin!

The most important step in this how to wire a light switch guide is to turn off the power. The danger of electric shock is very serious: don’t take any chances! Next, examine the wires in the box. Look to see whether the power is coming to the switch, and then going to the lights (this tutorial is written for this scenario). There should be two black wires (these are “hot,” meaning they hold the power), two white wires, and two ground wires (these will be bare). Next, connect the bare ground wires to the steel box. You should also connect the ground screw (which is at the bottom of the switch – it is usually green). The next step is to twist the two white wires together before screwing on a wire nut taped with electrical tape (so it doesn’t come off). Now, move on to the two black wires – the hot ones. Connect the “source” wire to the terminal at the bottom of the switch, and connect the remaining black wire to the terminal at the top. Next, take out the switch and look at the back. The strip gauge is for when you utilize the “quick-connect” light wiring method. Take a look at the wire and strip it to the desired length before pushing it into the hole. Push the white wires into the switch box and screw the switch into place where it belongs. Now, turn the power back on turn on the light – let there be light!

Contact an Electrician for Fast, Affordable Service

At first glance, the guide for how to wire a light switch might seem easy. But, after some research, you may realize that completing it successfully and safely is difficult. This tutorial is very basic, and should only be attempted if you have electrical experience (it is not an official tutorial). If you are in doubt at all about how to wire a light switch, contact one of our experienced electricians. We offer fast, professional service at an affordable price. Get all the wiring and electrical needs handled by one of our electricians to ensure you get it done right. We have an A+ rating with the BBB. Contact us for wiring a light switch today!

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