EV Chargers & Electrical Service Upgrades using The Denver Climate Rebate Program

In the pursuit of a sustainable future, Denver implemented an innovative program to incentivize eco-friendly practices with The Denver Climate Rebate Program. Among its many initiatives, one particularly impactful offering is the $2,000 rebate for electrical service upgrades in homes. This rebate, coupled with incentives for EV charging station installations and other energy-efficient upgrades, is […]

Repairing Common Electrical Issues from Home Inspection Reports

Introduction: Home inspections are crucial for identifying potential safety hazards in real estate transactions here in Denver. Among the most common issues found in inspection reports are electrical problems that require immediate attention. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the frequent electrical issues highlighted in home inspection reports and discuss how to address […]

Protect Your Family from Carbon Monoxide

Protect Your Family from Carbon Monoxide

If you live in Colorado it’s important for you to know how to protect your family from carbon monoxide.  That’s why in today’s post we’re going to give you a brief overview.  Including what carbon monoxide is, the legality and how to protect your family.  Let’s begin by looking at what carbon monoxide is and […]

Business Owners Guide to Parking Lot Lighting

Parking Lot Lighting

As a business owner it’s no secret that you have a lot of responsibilities.  Between daily operations, financial responsibilities and keeping your clients happy you have a lot on your plate.  That’s why in today’s post we want to share with you a tip that might save you.  Both valuable time and money in the […]

Is It Time to Replace Your Electrical Panel?

Electrical Panel

In today’s post we’re going to shed some light on the function of electrical panels and why you should consider replacing it. If you’ve found yourself wondering, “Is it time to replace your electrical panel?” then this is the post for you!

Space Heater Safety Tips

Space Heater Safety Tips

In today’s post we’re going to share with you space heater safety tips to help keep you safe! Learn helpful advice to safely use a space heater this winter.

How to Choose an Electrical Company

How to Choose an Electric Company

At some point in time everyone needs to hire an electrician.  Whether for rewiring, lighting, or an entertainment system.  No matter the project it’s important to carefully consider whether you should hire a professional versus do it yourself.  To learn more about that visit our blog post, “Why Hire an Electrician vs. DIY?”  When it […]

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

Now that summer has come to a close and students are back in school it’s hard not to anticipate the holidays.  While we all know someone who is already prepared for the holiday season the rest of us have one last buffer.  That is one last event before it’s snowflakes, cookies, carols and ribbons everywhere […]

The Benefits of Security Lighting

The Benefits of Security Lighting

As summer is coming to a close it means shorter days are in store.  This means less sunlight which can cause a potential problem for property owners.  That’s because a lack of light has been known to cause a rise in crime.  Learn more about how the National Institute of Justice is using better street […]

Kitchen Remodel? We Can Help!

Kitchen Remodel? We Can Help!

Thinking about remodeling your kitchen?  Did you know that a kitchen remodel can mean more than a fresh color palette or a new take on this year’s popular theme? (Good bye, roosters.  Hello, distressed wooden pallets!)  Remodeling your kitchen can actually add value to your home.  And if you’re in the market and considering selling […]

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