Now that summer has come to a close and students are back in school it’s hard not to anticipate the holidays.  While we all know someone who is already prepared for the holiday season the rest of us have one last buffer.  That is one last event before it’s snowflakes, cookies, carols and ribbons everywhere – we’re talking about Halloween!  Whether you’re the person who enjoys a few pumpkins as decoration or you put together a spooky neighborhood spectacle – we have a few Halloween Safety Tips to help you have a safe and happy Halloween!

Halloween Safety Tips

  • Be Aware of Tripping Hazards

While it can be easy to get carried away when it comes to inflatable decorations or props it’s important to keep this tip in mind.  Because many decorations are run by long electrical cords try to keep them securely out of the way of your guests.  Be aware of tripping hazards and keep walkways clear for guests.  Take into consideration the fact that some children and adults may have costumes that take up a lot of space which could result in tripping and potentially knocking over objects.

  • Extension Cord Daisy Chains

Whether you choose to decorate with inflatables, flickering lights or automated figures you need to keep this tip in mind!  Avoid extension cord daisy chains at all costs!  This is when you use one extension cord to reach another and another and so on.  Linking multiple extension cords together can be a serious fire hazard.  Avoid it at all costs and buy extension cords that are appropriate lengths for your project.

  • Shut It Down

While it might be fun to leave your display powered all night we recommend shutting it down before you go to bed.  This is because decorations that are left powered and plugged in can pose a fire hazard.  Especially overnight or during the early morning hours when no one is awake or around to notice if a fire has started.  You can either do this manually or set a timer that will turn off your decorations at a scheduled time.

No matter how little or how much you love to celebrate Halloween the team here at Electric Doctor wish you a safe and Happy Halloween!

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