Home Entertainment Wiring from a Denver Electrician

Tips for home entertainment wiring from a Denver electrician.We’ve all been there: You just got a new high definition TV, and when you were at the store you decided to spring for the new surround sound system, and blu-ray player. It’s time to setup your new home theater system. You get started, only to become quickly overwhelmed with all the wires. Who knew there could be so many wires? As an experienced electrician in home entertainment wiring, I have a few tips so you can organize all those cables and make your home entertainment system look expensive and perfectly installed.

Get Rid of the Cables

Your main goal in home entertainment wiring is to make sure the cables aren’t visible. If your setup is basic, a bit of cleaning up may do the trick. Organize those cables so you know were to put them. Use cord catchers, cord organizers, and cable ties to bundle all your cables together. This will help them to be less visible if you have an open entertainment system. Run the organized bundles of cables along table legs or behind other components so they can’t be seen.

Hiding Cables

In some cases, organizing and bundling your cables may not be enough. This may be the case for TVs that are mounted on the wall. There are specially designed corridors that can be painted to match the color of your walls. Cable runners may be a good option as well.

Moving Components

Sometimes, organization, cord bundling, and cable runners can’t hide the wires in your home. In this case, you’ll need to move components into an area that isn’t visible, and run the wires to the TV or entertainment area. A nearby closet often works. You can also hide cables behind the wall itself. This requires much more knowledge and expertise, however, due to the wires and cables being run through the walls themselves. If you don’t have the experience or knowledge to complete this yourself, consult a licensed electrician who will be able to run the proper working for your home entertainment system.

Home Entertainment Wiring – Professional Installation

If you want your home entertainment wiring hidden and professionally installed, contact one of our licensed electricians. We have years of experience and knowledge installing these systems. Once we’re finished, you’ll find your wires aren’t visible, and the home entertainment wiring and system are perfectly integrated into your living space. Contact us to learn more today!

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