Real Estate Inspection: Electrical Issues Explained

Real Estate Inspection - Common Electrical Issues

Buying a home is both exciting and overwhelming. There are many tasks and milestones you need to hit before you go to closing. One of these is completing a real estate inspection. This is important, because you’ll know about any issues in your new home before you move in. You can also request that the seller fix any troubling issues. Here are a few electrical issues that commonly show up on inspection reports, so you can determine whether or not they need to be fixed quickly.

Lightbulb IconArc Fault Breakers

If the inspection report says that there are no Arc Fault Breakers are in use, don’t panic. This is a relatively new requirement in homes (they weren’t written into code until 1999).  If the home was built before then, then odds are these types of breakers aren’t in use. Because they are now required, the inspector will likely note if they are not installed, and suggest that you put them in.

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Missing GFCI Outlets

Another common issue that comes up in inspection reports is missing GFCI outlets. GFCI is short for “Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter.” They were first used during the 80’s, and are programmed to trip if they come into contact with water. They are most commonly installed in areas where water is common, such as a garage.

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Exposed Electrical Wires

Many homes have exposed electrical wires, which is noted in the home inspection report. This happens in homes of all ages. Exposed wires can be damaged, which causes damages and can be dangerous. Often, exposed wires are the result of DIY projects, or hiring an unlicensed electrician to complete a project.

Call Electric Doctor after Your Real Estate Inspection

If you are a seller and just got your home inspection report, call us for any electrical problems that need to be fixed. We have years of experience, and will be able to provide a quote, as well as fix the issues quickly. Call us today!

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