Preparing Your Home for Winter: Tips from a Denver Electrician

Preparing Your Home for Winter - Tips from Denver Electrician

While most of us won’t admit it, winter is on its way. You may have felt the distinct chill in the air, or noticed that the leaves are changing. Maybe you noticed that more people are walking the streets with pumpkin spice lattes. Whatever way you look at it, fall is in full swing, and the first snow will fall soon. The average date for the first snowfall in Denver is October 19th. But, it has snowed as early as September 3rd.  It’s important that you prepare your home for the coming snow and ice so that you don’t experience any problems while you’re out doing more important things, like hitting the slopes!

Lightbulb IconPrep Your Lights

One thing that is often overlooked as people prepare for winter, is that there is a lack of daylight. Shorter days mean you’ll have your lights on longer. And, keeping those lights on for longer periods of time means your electric bill will be higher. There are ways to save money, however. Install energy-saving lightbulbs to light your pathways outside, and provide light indoors. And, when you decorate for Christmas, install LED holiday lights to reduce your costs!

Lightbulb IconInvest in a Backup Generator

If your power goes out during the summer, the worst you can expect is a few more cookouts and some warm nights. But, if your power goes out during the winter, it can be potentially dangerous. The average low temperature in January in Denver is just over 17 degrees Fahrenheit (the lowest recorded temperature is twenty below zero!). It is downright dangerous to lose your power during those cold winter nights. Installing a backup generator means you’ll still have power if it goes out in your neighborhood.

Lightbulb IconMaximize Your Heating

Speaking of cold weather, heating can get expensive during the winter months. But, much of the cost can be decreased if you take a few steps. Go through your house and replace the weather stripping on your windows and outside doors. If air is seeping in, place a towel at the bottom to prevent air from coming in. Also, reverse your ceiling fans so that distribute heat evenly throughout your home: This will increase your energy efficiency, and save you money.

Lightbulb IconHandle Electricity Projects Now

You may have a few electrical projects on your to-do list. Now is the time to get them done. It’s much easier to handle electrical problems before the snow falls. Plus, it allows you to settle in during the winter and not have to worry about a few things on your to-do list!

Preparing Your Home for Winter? Call Electric Doctor

If you would like to prep your home by installing a backup generator, or would like to handle any Denver electrical projects you may have on your list, don’t hesitate to call Electric Doctor. We have years of experience, and are focused on providing quality services and focusing on you as our customer. Our prices are fair and affordable, and we are fully licensed and insured. Give us a call to prep your home for winter today!

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