Shedding Light on Aging Homes: Call an Experienced Electrician

Shedding Light on Aging Homes - Why You Need an Experienced Electrician

If you’re a homeowner you may find yourself in a situation where you need to call an experienced and professional electrician.  In our previous post we discussed the importance of hiring a professional versus doing the work yourself or hiring a friend to help out.  Today we’ll have a look at a few common scenarios you may encounter if you live in an older home and why you’ll want to call an experienced electrician to solve the problem.

Aging Homes: Left in the Dark

One very common way you can tell your aging homes electrical system needs a little tender loving care is in the lights.  If your lamps, fans or built fixtures flicker on and off or the light starts out bright but begins to wane and fade out over time this is a very good indicator you many want to call an electrician.  Now if flipping a light switch on or turning on a hair dryer results in your own personal blackout this might indicate there is a fault in the system somewhere or that there might be something wrong with a circuit.

Hardware Needs Updating

If you’re living in a home with outlets that only have two plugs and won’t accommodate a modern three prong plug that’s a sure sign your electrical system is outdated and needing a little work.  If the outlets are clearly worn out or have any black residue on or near the switch plate or if your electrical outlet feels warm to the touch this could indicate a potential fire hazard.  Since these can all be signs of outdated hardware we recommend having a professional take a look at the system to determine if any updates need to be made.

Call the Electric Doctor Today!

Still have questions about your homes electrical system?  Call or schedule an appointment online with Electric Doctor today and we’ll help you take steps toward assuring the safety of your aging home.

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