Warm Electrical Outlet: Is it a Problem? Insight from an Electrician

Warm Electrical Outlet: Diagnosing the Problem

It can be tough to know what to do when small electrical issues arise in your home. You don’t want to overreact and blow a problem out of proportion, but you also want to keep your home and family from harm. When you are a homeowner, it is extremely helpful to have an experienced electrician on call that you can consult for all the small, but important issues that crop up in your home. In today’s post, we’re going to look at a common problem: Finding a warm electrical outlet in your home or business.

Warm Electrical Outlet: Is it a Problem?

First, don’t panic: A warm outlet doesn’t mean your home is a fire hazard. No need to put the fire department on speed dial. However, it is an indication that something isn’t quite right, electrically speaking. Here are a few of the common reasons that you find a warm electrical outlet in your home or business:

Warm electrical outlet?Too many devices plugged in.

Something is Plugged In or Too Many Devices

Some items can cause the outlet to be warm – devices such as a modem or charger. Unplug it, and see if the outlet cools. If it doesn’t, it could be the charger, or an issue with the outlet. Modern life puts more of a demand on our devices – you may have too many items or a power strip plugged into the outlet. Remove some of the items and see if it cools down.

Damaged wiring

Damages to the Wiring or Outlet

Sometimes, the heat on the exterior can be caused by an interior problem. Loose wiring or terminals inside the outlet can create extra heat. The wiring needs to be fixed immediately to better the flow of electricity. Additionally, if parts of the outlet itself are broken, it can cause it to overheat. Replace the outlet or switch and reevaluate.

Overburdened circuits

Overburdened Circuits or Incorrect Breaker

Your circuit might be overburdened. This depends on how your electrical wiring is installed. Overburdened circuits are common in older homes, which weren’t built for the modern lifestyle. Consult with an experienced electrician to determine if the circuits need to be rewired. Additionally, you could have the incorrect size of fuse or breaker installed (especially common in older homes). Call an electrician to discuss upgrading your wiring.

Call an Experienced Electrician for a Full Diagnoses

If you can’t find an easy fix for the warm electrical outlet you find in your home or business, it is wise to contact an experienced electrician to come and determine the cause of the problem. If it is due to overburdened circuits, or damages to the outlet or wiring, you will want the expertise of a trained electrician: DIY wiring can lead to fires, or create problems for the future sale of your home. The electricians at Electric Doctor are fully licensed, and have years of experience. We are fast, affordable, and friendly. Call us today!

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