One of our most requested services is mounting and wiring an HDTV over a fireplace. I’ll help take you through the checklist of things to consider, as well as things you’ll need to have an HDTV mounted over a fireplace. This blog doesn’t actually cover the installation, but has examples of our installations below. As we’ve installed hundreds of HDTV’s over fireplaces, we have tools and experience that help to minimize any damage, if any damage is needed at all. I make this point because while the cost of a professional installation may seem pricey, the tools needed for a correct, concealed, and safe installation combined with the possible drywall (or other material) repair is going to be a lot higher if you don’t already have the tools you need. I can’t say enough about having experience with fishing the wires and knowing what you are up against with fireplace vents, fire-blocking, and unseen obstacles. These installations can be tricky.

Things to consider:

Once you’ve decided to move forward, the following items are needed:

Tools, Bits, & Misc:

Tips & Tricks for HDTV Installations: