Tips for choosing the best outdoor lights in DenverWe don’t always think about the exterior of our homes. After all, we live inside, so we focus on furniture, art, and everything we need to feel at home. But, the outside of your home can add a lot to the value of your home, and can create a great first impression. Landscaping, new paint, and green grass are all normal things to consider when you are fixing up the exterior. Another thing to consider is how much outdoor lighting and residential lighting design can affect your home’s outward appearance. Not only can it look great, good outdoor lighting can help keep your family and home safe from intruders. Here are a few tips for planning the layout of your outdoor lighting. Figure out exactly what you want to do before calling an experienced electrician in the Denver area.

1. Know What You Like

Making a plan is the first step of the outdoor lighting installation process. Know what designs and lights you like before meeting with an electrician. Look through magazines, or check Pinterest for great inspiration. Have an idea of the types of lights you like, and where you want them to be in your yard or on the exterior of your home. There are many different types of lights out there. Decide if you want uplighting or downlighting, LED, walkway lighting, fluorescent, incandescent, string lights, photocell lights, or motion lighting installations.

2. Decide the Purpose of Your Lighting

There are two reasons to install outdoor lighting at your home: 1). For aesthetics and 2) For safety.

3. Think about the Cost

The type of bulbs you use for your outdoor lighting are important to consider, as they play a large part in the cost. Sometimes, a bulb might be cheaper to purchase initially, but may cost you more in energy costs later. Talk to an experienced electrician to figure out the most economical options for outdoor lighting available to you.

Call an Electrician for Answers and an Installation Quote

If you are interested in installing outdoor lighting to keep your home safe or boost the appearance, feel free to contact an experienced electrician at Electric Doctor. We are here to help you get the best possible lighting installation quickly and afford-ably. Don’t try to do the wiring yourself – for outdoor lighting, it may be necessary to install and lay new wire, and this requires the expertise of a professional. Call a licensed electrician at Electric Doctor to learn more about the benefits, cost, and installation of outdoor lighting of your home!

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