Denver Electrical Safety Tips for a Safe Christmas

Denver Electrician's Safety Tips for Christmas LightsThanksgiving is fast approaching. If you’re like many of us here in the Denver metro area, you start putting up your Christmas decorations right after you finish eating those turkey, stuffing, and cranberry leftovers! As electricians in Littleton and across the Denver area, we want you to be safe this holiday season. Everyone can get caught up in the festivities of stringing lights and inflating the giant Santa for the rooftop, and forget basic electrical safety guidelines. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you decorate.

Holiday Electrical Safety Tips


Real Christmas Tree Precautions

If you’re going old school and setting up a real Christmas tree, you need to remember to keep it watered. Otherwise, you’ll have a fire waiting to happen right in your living room. By water it, you’ll keep it smelling fresh, and protect your home and family from fire danger. Remember, if you have a fake tree, don’t try to water it like its real counterpart!

Christmas Light Precautions

There are a few things you need to do before stringing those holiday lights.

  • Check each strand to make sure there are no signs of damage, such as loose connections or frayed ends.
  • If you’re using older lights that don’t have fused plugs, replace with a more modern set (they prevent sparks).
  • Replace burned out bulbs with the correct wattage.
  • Don’t use nails, screws, or tacks to string your lights. Instead, use insulated hooks to prevent shorts!
  • Use indoor lights inside, and outdoor lights outside – don’t try to mix them!
  • Turn off your lights when you’re away from home, or asleep.

General Holiday Decoration Precautions

There are a few additional things you need to keep in mind as you set up your Christmas decorations this year:

  • Don’t overload your electrical circuits – you don’t want to trip breakers or cause dangerous overheating!
  • Plan your decorations around how many outlets you have, and where they’re located.
  • Don’t use damaged sockets which could cause a short and/or a fire.
  • Make sure cords aren’t pinched under furniture, in windows, or under doors.

Need Electrical Wiring Repair Before Christmas? Call Electric Doctor!

If you are concerned you might overload your home’s electrical wiring this Christmas, it might be time to consider calling in an experienced Denver electrician to evaluate your options and perform electrical repair. Call Electric Doctor today to come and inspect your home. For more Christmas decoration electrical safety tips, visit the Electrical Safety Foundation International website to keep your family and home safe for the holidays.

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