Ceiling Fan Installation: Tips from a Denver Electrician

Ceiling Fan Installation Tips from a Denver ElectricianIt took Denver a while to heat up this summer, but boy did it crank up the heat! This week has been in the 90’s, and if you’re like me, you’re not very used to it. If you want to beat the heat and save money on your air conditioning bill, consider installing a ceiling fan. In today’s blog post, we’re going to discuss how a ceiling fan can save you money, and how to install one. Let’s get started!

How a Ceiling Fan Installation Can Save You Money

Ceiling fans uses much less electricity than air conditioners do. This is because ceiling fans circulate cooler air towards the ground. The fan blades turn quickly, pushing the air towards you. You can install a ceiling fan with the blades turned up or down, depending on where you want the cooler air. While ceiling fans don’t actually cool down the temperature in the room, they provide a breeze which gives us the effect of being in a cooler environment.

Install a Ceiling Fan On Your Own

It’s not difficult to install a ceiling fan on your own. There are many videos and instructions online to help you with the process. Purchase a new ceiling fan and look in the box – there are usually detailed instructions included. Basically, you will need to remove the old light fixture or fan in your home, remove the old electrical box from the ceiling, drill a new hole (if necessary), attach a new electrical box, connect the wiring of the new fan, and attach it carefully to the ceiling.

Ceiling Fan Installation: Get the Help of an Electrician

You may want to hire an experienced electrician to install a ceiling fan to save time and make sure it is installed correctly. This is especially true if the area where you want to install the new fan doesn’t have any existing electrical wiring. In this case, the electrician will need to run new wire to power the fan. The electrician will need to take existing wiring into account. An electrician can also install a wall switch so you can turn the new fan on and off easily. If you want to install new ceiling fans in your home to cut down on air conditioning costs and beat the heat, feel free to contact one of our expert electricians to learn more!

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