Denver Electrician BBB Gold Star 2010 - Electric Doctor

Littleton Electric Company Electric Doctor has been awarded the Gold Star Certificate Award from the Denver/Boulder Better Business Bureau for the 8th straight year. The Gold Star Award is given to companies that display excellence in customer service and have had no complaints for three consecutive years.

The Gold Star Award is a continuing symbol of excellence for Electric Doctor. Opening for business in 1995, Electric Doctor became a BBB member in 2000. Electric Doctor earned a BBB Gold Star Award in its first eligible year of 2003 and has earned a BBB Gold Star each consecutive year thereafter. A distinguished honor in the electrical and lighting field.

“Our 8th consecutive BBB Gold Star Award is a great honor for our company. Our goal has always been to provide the highest quality and professional installations to every customer. Earning this award in every eligible year with the BBB demonstrates our continuing effort to promote our values and competitive prices” said Vice President James Bisgard

Electric Doctor is a Denver Electrical Company based in Littleton, CO. Electric Doctor provides electrical, lighting, and audio/video services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients.